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The name of Emperor Haile Selassie I will always be dominant in Ethiopian history. This is particularly so in connection with the legal and constitutional changes which he has instituted in the millenial history of the country. In this record on July 16, 1931....of his own volition and against strong conservative opposition, He granted to the Ethiopian people the first written constitution ever.

From "Selected Speeches..."o

The following items are available for sale to provide funds for The Ethiopian World Federation Education and Redevelopment Fund.

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The Shashamanie City CD - produced by Morgan's Heritage

Performers: LMS, Prince Theo, Everton Blender, Morgan Heritage, Chrisinti, Jah Mason, Adigun, Don Marshall, Denroy Morgan fet. Tafiyah, Kulcho Knox, Determine, Ultimate Shine.

Support our Education and Development Fundraising Drive by making a charitable contribution and receive a gift of:

(a) 700 page volume published by The EWF Local No. 1, New York -

The Book "Selected Speeches of 
His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I"

(c) Copy of the EWF constitution


The Constitution of the EWF

Lion of Judah Flag


Made in Ethiopian for the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.

(b) the original commemorative "Save Ethiopia" button

The commemorative "Save Ethiopia" button.

Contributions to the EWF Educational and Redevelopment Funds are welcome and tax-deductible:
Suggested Contributions 
to The EWF Local #1 Inc.
Educational & Redevelopment Fund
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Shashamanie City CD (incl. Shipping)  ONE011 $15.00
EWF Constitution (include Shipping) ONE001 $3.00
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Book "Selected Speeches..." (incl. Shipping) ONE003 $54.95
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Your voluntary contribution - Education & Health projects - USA ONE007
Your voluntary contribution - Education, Health & Housing - the Caribbean ONE008
Shipping Book - outside USA ONE009 $6.95

Call for wholesale prices.  718-277-1547

Mail your check or money order to:

The Ethiopian World Federation, Local No. 1 Inc.
P.O. Box 40-1167, Brooklyn, NY 11240-1167

Or call with your Credit Card or Check information:  1-800-955-9725

When in 1936 ... the Italian propaganda had discouraged our people so much that when Mrs. Bayen made the design "Save Ethiopia," some people thought that it was not such a good idea.  When we were about to print some souvenir stamps in January 1937, I suggested the inscription "SAVE ETHIOPIA" on those stamps, but others thought that the words "HELP ETHIOPIA" should be used since most people thought Ethiopia was a lost cause.... Today we have succeeded not only in convincing thousands of the possibility of our success, but we are having their full cooperation... " 
His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.