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His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I, The Power of the Trinity, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah

His ancestry, his life, his word, his works.... on this page
The name of Emperor Haile Selassie First will always be dominant in Ethiopian history. This is particularly so in connection with the legal and constitutional changes which he has instituted in the millenial history of the country. In this record on July 16, 1931....of his own volition and against strong conservative opposition, He granted to the Ethiopian people the first written constitution ever.

He also gave the Ethiopian race a democratic constitution on August 25, 1937 in the form of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc. 

In 1945 He approved the United Nations charter for the Human family as a whole, and in 1963 He helped found and establish the Organization of African Unity Charter by granting the Headquarters building called Africa Hall in Addis Ababa.

"When in 1936 we arrived in the U.S.A., the Italian propaganda had discouraged our people so much that when Mrs. Bayen made the design "Save Ethiopia," some people thought that it was not such a good idea.  When we were about to print some souvenir stamps in January 1937. I suggested the inscription "SAVE ETHIOPIA" on those stamps, but others thought that the words "HELP ETHIOPIA" should be used since most people thought Ethiopia was a lost cause.... Today we have succeeded not only in convincing thousands of the possibility of our success, but we are having their full cooperation... " 
His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.
..... Let us not put off, to later consideration and study, the single act, the one deccision, which must emerge from this gathering if it is to have real meaning. This Conference cannot close without adopting a single African Charter....May 25, 1963


Africa has accepted the challenge of the modern world and with it come grave responsibilities. Many discouraging hours will arise before the rainbow of accomplished goals will appear on the horizon. African civilization in its potential magnitude must be able to command fortitude, patience, tolerance and diligence. To sustain us in all our tasks we count on the women off Africa. Without their relentless vigilance no aspect of our responsibilities can be attained. Women's role has never been so demanding, and you can be proud to answer this call for the betterment and future of mankind.



Let Us say, first of all, that Ethiopia considers herself a member of one group only-the African group. We will join in any deliberations, we will consider any plan, we will debate any proposal anywhere, and at any time, provided that it contributes to the maintenance of world peace, the development of Africa's human and material resources, and the protection of this continent's legitimate interests. When we Africans have been misled into pigeon-holing one another, into attributing rigid and inflexible views to states which were present at one conference but not at another, then we shall, without reason or justification, have limited our own freedom of action and rendered immeasurably more difficult the task of joint efforts, in harmony and brotherhood, in the common cause of Africa.

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